Insurance Agents Don’t Need a Vial Full of  Performance-Enhancing Drugs to…

Insurance Agents Don’t Need a Vial Full of Performance-Enhancing Drugs to…

Predictably Generate 5, 10, 20, Even 30 New Customers Every Single Month or Transform Themselves into the Person /Agent Required to Achieve Their Goals & Dreams

Dear Agent,

Please forgive the forwardness of this letter, but I imagine that you as an insurance agent would like to learn about what I have to say. Perhaps what follows doesn’t apply to you directly, but I’ll bet you $50 that you know at least one agent wherein it does. For example:

Do you... Struggle to find new prospects and convert them into paying customers?

Do you... Know other agents with less experience, skills, and education than you, but who are much more successful?

Do you... Constantly worry and stress over growing your business and paying your bills?

Do you... Frequently doubt yourself, have low self-esteem, and/or fear personal and financial failure?

You see, many agents are struggling with these types of situations and unfortunately end up losing their confidence, self-esteem, and motivation. It’s a debilitating mental process that ultimately ends in failure, with some estimates being as high as 90%.

Here’s The Problem:

  • Most agents are obsessed with using conventional traffic sources and they don’t have a system to convert that traffic into paying customers.

  • Most agents are trained to buy non-exclusive leads, make endless cold calls, send ineffective direct mail, and wrongly use the latest social media platforms.

  • Most agents don’t understand how their mind works, how their thoughts create their reality, or how their thoughts can even sabotage their goals and dreams.

But It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way:

I can teach you:

  • The method for installing a predictable system for generating 5, 10, 20, even 30 new customers every single month

  • The simple “4-step code” that generates leads & customers

  • The multi-millennial-old, three-step process for transforming yourself from the agent you are today into the agent necessary to realize your goals & dreams.

Here’s What I Recommend:

First review the following FREE CASE STUDY @

If you like what you see, apply for a free strategy session wherein you and I will:

* Identify your current situation and the biggest problem you face as an insurance agent

* Discuss how transforming your mind/character is key to your success

* Create a strategy to dramatically grow your agency and decrease the time you invest in it. cellspacing="0" width="100%"

Get Your FREE CASE STUDY now @

Best Regards,

Steve Taylor

SAT Business Consulting LLC


[email protected]


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