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The Terror Barrier is “Any time you are setting a major goal, making a serious change in your life, or making a dramatic change of any kind, you will run up against The Terror Barrier (a psychological barrier based on fear).”

Almost everyone encounters this barrier. It’s why most people don’t succeed at accomplishing their major goals or dreams related to one’s career, health, wealth creation, relationships and more. What happens is that when someone starts to fulfill a goal or dream, they become anxious. Self-doubt sets in; they create reasons for why their idea won’t work; they see the status quo as safe, even though they’re dissatisfied existing there.

In short, they come up to the barrier or may even start to break through it, but they bounce right back to their comfort zone (the status quo) wherein their anxieties dissolve. They may then say, “I almost started a dog grooming business once, but there were so many regulations that I decided to stay at my job.” (Any excuse works fine).

The tendency to bounce back into one’s comfort zone is universal. It affects most everyone. Overcoming this tendency begins with education, i.e., understanding why people do this.

My special two-hour session (1 hr/session) will provide you with a strong foundation for understanding and applying this concept. Once you learn it and then apply it, your life will most certainly change for the better. I can contest to this, especially when it comes to my career, mental and physical health and my intimate relationships.

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