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Our unique Law of Attraction (LOA) Gratitude Stones are made from polished magnetic hematite. Hence, they are great reminders of the universe's "Law of Attraction" and even have mythical healing properties. The Law of Attraction (LOA) entails the belief that "like attracts like” and that we experience the resulting manifestations of our predominant Feelings, Ideas, Actions, Thoughts and Speech (FIATS). Through our predominate FIATS, we have direct control over our reality and lives. The word FIAT means, “official command”. Therefore, in a sense, we are commanding the LOA to create our reality. Hence, if we don’t remain conscience of our FIATS, we will manifest positive and negative results, whether desired or not.

The PHEAL GoOD logo may look simple, but in reality, it’s loaded with meaning. PHEAL is our acronym for Peace, Happiness, Expectation, Appreciation and Love. While other emotions are also important in creating a joyful and abundant life, these five have universal appeal. If you prefer, you can substitute your own words for ours. For example, instead of Happiness, substitute the word, Harmony. Instead of Expectation, use Energy, etc.

​GoOD, spelled with a small "o" in the second position, reminds us of the presence of GOD in all the good we experience. By GOD, we mean Life Force, or Supreme Being or whatever one wants to call this Universal Source.

​The jagged lines at the top of the logo reflect our varied and sometimes challenging paths toward enlightenment. There may be many ups and downs in our lives, but eventually we all get to the top.

​In addition to choosing hematite for its magnetic properties, we chose it for its mythical healing properties. The root word of hematite is haima (Greek), which means blood, an allusion to its color when in powdered form. Historically, it has been used to treat blood related illnesses, as well as for improving one’s memory, concentration and problem solving abilities. Whether its healing properties are fact or fiction, it’s still fun to think it works. After all, if we perceive something to be true, it is (i.e., perception is reality).

Finally, you can use our LOA stones as you might use a good luck charm. Carry one with you wherever you go or attach it to any metallic surface. Then, if you feel out of touch with your Source, hold it in the palm of your hand. Remind yourself of the LOA and then align your FIATS with Peace, Happiness, Expectation, Appreciation and Love. You’ll soon forget about your problems and be PHEALING GoOD in no time!

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